Automotive Locksmith Specialist

Every year countless individuals are stuck in the heat or rain waiting for a locksmith because they’ve locked their keys in a car. This will happen to you at some time  – it happens to everyone! When it does, make sure you call 5 Star Lock and Key. We’ll get you through the ordeal in minutes. From tractor-trailers and trucks to luxury sedans, our automotive locksmith professionals can get you out of any lock and key predicament.

Fast locksmith service

Our automotive locksmith professionals are on-call 24 hours a day. We know sometimes you may be stuck outside waiting for a locksmith –  that’s why we stress the importance of speed  use the most advanced GPS systems on the market. We’ll find you.

We have the latest locksmith tools

It seems that with every year, it gets more impossible to get inside a vehicle using the tried and true wire hanger through the window trick. That’s because vehicles are becoming increasingly more advanced with regards to technology. We keep up-to-date and are able to crack any advanced locking system in minutes. That’s what we do. Just sit back and watch us work.

Don’t hurt yourself or your car

Never try to enter a vehicle by force. We’ve been locksmiths for a long time. We’ve seen a lot of things. People who force their way inside their cars to retrieve their keys often end up injured, and with a hefty auto bill on their hands. They also end up with one nasty looking car.  Just wait for our locksmith professional and he’ll get you in without a scratch – to you or your car.

Locked out? We can get you in

With the tools, the experience, the skills, the training, and the people skills to get you out of your predicament in minutes, there’s nothing we can’t do when it comes to keys and locks. We’re going strong after all these years, and it’s because we’re doing it right!

Key’s Locked in the Trunk?

Almost all of the time we can get keys out of the trunk without making a key. Many people don’t know that and often a less than honest locksmith will tell locked out customers a key is required… we won’t do that. Call us for fast and honest service.

Semi and Commercial Truck Mobile Locksmith Services

  • 24 Hour Lockout Service
  • Ignition Cylinders Repaired, Replaced or ReKeyed
  • Lost or Stolen Keys Replaced for Semi, Commercial Truck
  • Broken Keys Removed and Replaced for Semi, Commercial Truck
  • Truck Locks Opened or Replaced
  • Door Locks Repaired or Replaced
  • Truck Cap and Tool Box Keys Replaced
  • Cargo Locks Installed
  • Semi, Commercial Truck Keys Replaced
  • Semi, Commercial Truck Gas Caps Locks Open or Keys Made
  • Replacement Keys​

First in the country

5 Star Lock and Key was the first in the country to be able to program the 2015 Lexus RC350. Let us handle all your automotive key needs.